Thursday, April 18, 2013

This is the current condition of my son, Iko. I have to post this in order to convince those

 people that we are not collecting and gathering money for nothing. We are doing this for 

my son's life. Thank you so much! Please help us reach certain organization and people who 

are willing to help us with his liver transplant. To those who continue to offer prayers and 

donations, thank you so much.

As his mother, seeing him as he suffers from his sickness really breaks my heart. I will do

 everything, lahat-lahat anak para gumaling ka lang.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013




Let's continue praying, friends and relatives. God is good! God loves Iko and He will not get him away from us. Stay strong baby! Hold on..

This is the current situation of my son, Iko Cuenco. We are really thanking everyone from the bottom of our hearts especially those who are praying continuosly. I will also get this opportunity to thank Ms. Rosana Gray from the United States who just gave $400 for Iko's Liver Transplant. We are still looking forward to those who are willing to extend their help to my son. I am just asking for everyone to take extra care and sensitiveness in your comments for my son has nothing to do with our please to you. Thank you so much! Rosana Gray

My son is still fighting for his life. He gives us hope in all the hardships we are experiencing right now in searching and looking for possible organization or people who will help us in making his operation possible. Although his physical appearance might seem so weak as well as his extremities, his strength in fighting for his life is greatly observed. We are humbly asking for everyone to help us in reaching people or organization who will make his liver transplant possible before he turns one. His life will be critical if before his first birthday on August, his operation is still undone. Let's continue to share his blog and page.. Thank you so much! God bless!